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From Apple Secret Products to

  1. eBags' former CEO and co-founder

    Jon Nordmark
    CEO and Co-Founder |

    Prior to Iterate, Jon was the founding 10-year CEO of which grew profitably at a 34% CAGR between 2000 and 2008. While CEO, eBags grew annual gross sales to more than $100 million.

    eBags was known as an innovator. Between 1999 and 2001, eBags became one of the first retailers to:

    • drop ship from ~500 3rd party warehouses (1999),
    • run on a negative cash conversion cycle (1999),
    • solicit product reviews from consumers (1999), and
    • test site features using A/B split methods (2000).

    Like at eBags, experimentation is a cornerstone of Iterate. Testing helped eBags systematically create one of the Web's top converting sites before 2008: Top 10 CVR (Nielson Report).

    eBags also built and sold it to Zappos while running and in the US, UK, Germany, and Japan.

    Today, eBags serves more than 40 million shoppers per year. It's sold more than $1.3 billion worth of bags. Jon remains eBags' Chairman.

    Between eBags and Iterate, Jon invested in and worked with Startups, many of which graduated from three accelerators like Happy Farm from Ukraine (left). He’s formally helped VC- and angel-backed Startups including Silicon Valley-based Runa (acquired by Staples, 2013) where he was chairman of their advisory board.

  1. Apple Secret Products

    Brian Sathianathan
    Chief Digital Officer and Co-Founder |

    Before Iterate, Brian was a part of the seed stage investment team at Turner looking for startups in the Social, Consumer, Advertising, and Recommendation spaces. Over two years, he made 13 investments, saw two of those companies be acquired (one by Apple). He also participated in Turner's acquisition of Bleacher Report.

    Prior to Turner he founded Avot Media, a video transcoding platform built for Mobile, where he was CEO. Customer list included companies like Warner Bros. Avot was acquired by Smith Micro, a public company based in L.A. At Smith Micro, Brian became the head of the video business and was responsible for strategy, vision, and integration.

    Before Avot, Brian held management positions over 8 years at Apple. For 6 of those, he lead iPhone and Intel Mac initiatives within Apple's very private Secret Products group. He led two core groups that designed the security and activation platform for the first iPhone, and he holds patents in those areas. Brian was initially hired by Apple for his software development and encryption skills.

    Brian is passionate about digital startups, and his mission is to help the entrepreneurial community connect seamlessly into enterprises. He is an active advisor and an investor to several Valley startups.

    Brian has an MBA, plus an MS degree in Computer Science, and he is now a co-founder of Iterate Studio. He lives in Silicon Valley.

  1. PilotPass® Creator

    Andrew Wichern
    COO, General Counsel and Co-Founder |

    Andrew oversees all aspects of the company’s legal affairs and business operations for Iterate Studio.

    Before joining, Andrew was General Counsel of Jones International, Ltd. and its subsidiaries, which engage in e-commerce, software, education and entertainment projects.

    Prior to Jones, he was a lawyer at Morrison Foerster and Messner Reeves. During his tenure, he specialized in mergers and acquisitions, and provided general counsel to public and early stage private companies.

    Previously, Andrew worked in Silicon Valley serving in leadership positions within the services operations of venture-backed software companies Opsware, Inc. and Crossworlds Software, Inc.

    He began his career with Ernst & Young where he worked primarily in Europe within E&Y’s global client consulting practice.

    Andrew holds a JD from Northwestern University School of Law, a MS in Management Information Systems from the Mays School of Business and a BBA in Accounting from the McCombs School of Business, University of Texas, Austin.

  1. Data Enthusiast

    Scott Anderson

    Experimentation & Analysis and Co-Founder |

    Scott designs and conducts proof-of-value experiments for our members to measure the business impact of our startups in our members' ecosystems. The validated outcomes of these experiments are anonymized as Perfect Insights and distributed to other members as part of our knowledge-sharing community.

    Not satisfied with the data validation capabilities of today’s split testing and analytics platforms, Scott built his own models to determine statistical completeness and to detect and correct data integrity issues intrinsic to the testing process.

    Prior to Iterate, Scott was Director of eCommerce at Vitamin Shoppe, where his team doubled online revenues to nearly $100M and tripled the customer acquisition velocity. He built and managed the team’s weekly operating budget and P/L forecasting models.

    He’s been in digital marketing and eCommerce for over 20 years and has twice won the American Marketing Association’s Effie Award for campaign effectiveness (Crayola software and IBM software).

    Scott cut his teeth on numerical modeling in college studying meteorology and astrophysics. As a grad student he worked on UCLA’s Global Circulation Model, the forerunner to today’s weather forecasting systems. Scott has a BS in Earth & Atmospheric Science from Rutgers.

  1. Goldman to Gap to Iterate

    Joanne Wichern Head of Activation |

    Joanne has worked ...
    @Pricewaterhousecoopers - project, portfolio and account management at customers such as Intel Corporation

    @Diamond Consulting – strategy consultant

    @Gap Corporation - International, Project Red, Franchise Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai and Africa

    @Goldman Sachs – managed analysis, testing and execution of high-risk technology initiatives

    @Denver Public Schools - national peer recognition for her team’s support of Senate Bill 191 – teacher effectiveness rollout

    She is a strategic, high energy leader with an in-depth understanding of building customer relationships, crafting business strategy, developing and deploying products.

    With over a decade dedicated to it, she has mastered the art of team including its many facets in planning, developing, and implementing best-practice business solutions for retail, financial, telecommunications, and the public sector.

    She has spent her career maneuvering obstacles to develop and manage private and public sector programs where she relies on her expert ability to open and maintain channels of communication, instill confidence in a solution, and ensure business partner, customer, and team satisfaction.

  1. Coca Cola to Silicon Valley

    George Latsis Head of Business Development |

     After starting his career writing software for satellites and missle-guidance -- for a defense contractor McDonnell Douglas -- George earned an MBA from the University of Michigan. Michigan helped George transition from engineer to business person. After business school, George focused on brand care-taking and growth, joining the brand management team at Colgate Palmolive. Then he moved from personal care products to consumables Coca Cola for four years where he became a Global Marketing Director.

    Beyond consumer brands, George has worked in the telecom industry and with four digital startups, mostly based in Silicon Valley. While living in Silicon Valley, George held roles like Vice President of Mobile and Digital marketing for Velti / mGage and Director of Marketing for Covad.

Defining Principles

The world is changing. At an unprecedented pace. Iterate helps large companies harness the best digital inventions. Many of those game-changing inventions are birthed in the Startup ecosystem which is where Iterate operates every day.

We embrace this changing world in a novel way. We acknowledge that digital startups that cost $5,000,000 to start in 2000, now cost $5,000. That efficiency tools like the Cloud, tag managers, beacons, smartphones, deep learning, and A/B split test platforms weren't invented until 2007 and later. As a result, we believe in making the hard, easy; the slow, fast; the closed, open; the costly, accessible.

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