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  1. Iterate helps fuel eBags' 40% growth rate; New technoligies are 15% to 25% of their growth

    • eBags CEO uses to search through 136,000 startup technologies. In the past year, they tested 12 from eBags and adopted 8 of them. eBags growth rate is 40% right now, while retail (x-groceries and gas) is down 0.2% and online (including Amazon's 31% growth which skews the average) is up 11%. eBags is an excellent example of a company engaging startups via Iterate to accelerate growth.
    • eBags:
    • sold $1.3 billion worth of bags
    • 60% of purchasers are repeats
    • hosts 50 million shoppers per year
  1. 2015 & 2016 Tours of the Possible

    Iterate did a Tour of the Possible for NRF 2015. We are doing it again in August for NRFtech 2016.NRFTech is an exclusive event for retail CIOs and CMOs. Iterate showcases about 18 technologies, then talks about another dozen.

    About 180 attendees come from America's largest retailers and brands. NRF says this is the must-attend event for retail executives charged with driving innovation. NRF's goal is to extend the conversation to all organizational areas responsible for technologies that impact consumers.

    2016 NRFTech Tour of the Possible

  1. Podcast explaining the concept behind and the start of eBags

    A weekly podcast with the latest e-commerce news and events. Episode 27 features an interview with Jon Nordmark, Co-Founder of Iterate Studios, and former CEO of eBags.

    RetailGeek: Scot and Jason Show

  1. 280,000 people read this
    on LinkedIn

    We published this article on the Amazon ecosystem (an EchoSystem) on Linkedin -- and it struck a chord. 280,000 people read it in roughly a week.

    The popularity of the post was not expected -- the reach of readership was completely accidental.

    At the bottom of this write up, we mention six things that enterprises can pursue to compete more effectively in the connected world.

    Amazon is not a retailer; not a technology company. Amazon is an ecosystem.

  1. eBags Tags Iterate for IoT Partnership

    eBags is bringing an eco-system of connected travel devices to life by launching the eBags Connected Traveler Hub.

    eBags has partnered with Internet of Things company Iterate Studio to position itself as the e-commerce hub for connected travelers around the globe.

    eBags will leverage partnerships with retailers, travel companies, top developers, and innovators in IoT such as Iterate to keep travelers connected.

    The eBags Connected Tag will be among the first proprietary products to bring connectivity in travel through a mobile tagging system attached to a traveler’s luggage or bags.

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  1. The Store Of The Future, Your Shopping Bag Connects To The Internet

    While Iterate is not mentioned in this FC article, we played critical roles. We found the startup (Twyst) before it had a website (in early 2015), helped envision the first solutions, and wrote code to help the solutions architecture work.

    Capgemini wrote about the response to the bag in this blog post: Adobe Summit Day 2 - It's All About Experience. Excerpt: "What stole the show was a 2 minute demo of an Immersive Retail Experience with REI as the setting. This experience featured a connected bag that allows customers to have a frictionless shopping experience including a seamless checkout process with no associate involvement. The (10,000 person) crowd went wild."

    Fast Company article is by NEAL UNGERLEIDER, written on 03.22.16

    Fast Company Article

  2. Iterate’s New Platform Helps Corporations Find The Best Tech From Startups

    Startups are created to solve problems—but that doesn’t matter if the people they want to help don’t know they exist. -- Posted Jan 22, 2016 by Catherine Shu (@catherineshu)

    Techrunch Article

  1. Kick-starting Innovation Through Startups

    Excerpt: "We thought there needed to be a service that helped large companies discover and validate new digital technologies from all over the world." -- interview by Jerome Buvat, October 2015

    Digital Leadership | Quarterly Edition

  2. Demandware and Iterate
    Partner to Accelerate 
    the LINK Ecosystem Innovation

    “With Iterate running a steady stream of innovation experiments through the LINK program, Demandware clients can add needle-moving new solutions based on proven data without disrupting their business operations.”

    Demandware Press Release

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