Two Parts
of Iterate

An AI-based Innovation Platform and
its Services arm called Iterate Studio

    1. | Platform is a self-service Innovation Platform with access to more than 130,000 Startups. It includes an AI-based search, Enterprise Challenges, Startup Success Stories. It helps Executives connect with Entrepreneurs.This platform monitors everything from IoT to Deep Learning to App-less Mobility solutions to Virtual POS.

    2. Iterate Studio | Services

      Iterate's Studio is the services arm of The Studio provides human-led services and insights. We find and validate game-changing tech, by virtually extending an Executive's team. Our cross-sector work provides unique perspectives. We recommend point solutions and build digital recipes.

    Your bridge to more
    digital solutions,

    1,000's of emerging technologies at your finger-tips

    Use the Innovation Platform without talking to anyone at Iterate. Or, for outside perspectives, take advantage of The Studio. The Studio is hands-on and it can help you connect-the-dots using solutions architecture, providing curation-as-a-service, and accelerating your experimentation.

    1. 136,000 Startups monitors thousands of technologies. It works across disciplines too -- from IoT to App-less Mobility to virtual POS.

    2. 50+ Handpicked

      We handpick Startups for certain hands-on engagements. We sign them to our unique PilotPass agreement.

    3. Digital Recipes

      Often, more than one startup is required to solve an Enterprise Challenge. Iterate Studio creates Digital Recipes that involve multiple Startups as ingredients.

    4. Wide-Angle Lens

      Brands from many industries use Iterate. This gives Iterate a unique wide-angle lens and unique perspectives to Solutions.

    1. Examples of Digital Recipes

    1. AirBump

      We combined two Startup technologies (from Silicon Valley and Thailand) and wrote some connecting code. This created an AirBump which transmits data between a shopper's smartphone and a sales associate's device.

      This is unique: (1) no wi-fi needed, (2) reverse beaconing data transfer, (3) inaudible sound wave data transfer, and (4) evaporating data from the sales person's device, like Snapchat, to preserve privacy.

    2. Shopping Bag as POS

      This "Smart Bag" is now the hub of a new in-store environment, powered by the Adobe Cloud platform, introduced in March 2016. The Bag keeps track of what’s inside. It also connects to the Adobe cloud and makes all of the product information instantly available on the buyer’s smartphone.

      The Adobe Bag was developed by Iterate, Capgemini, and a Startup that Iterate discovered in 2014 before it had a website.

    3. Smart Energy

      With Eneco, a $7 billion energy company, we helped discover, curate, and rate 900+ Startups. We worked with a consulting team from Capgemini to group the Startups into Collections on -- Collections like Smart Home, Flex & Grid, Smart City, and Deep Learning.

      Eneco's Executive Team also uses to post Challenges for the Startup world to address.

    1. Examples of Startups

    1. Deep Learning Discovery's 2015 Startup of the Year. Over 11 years at Google, the Founder did foundational work on Gmail user modeling, using semantic learning and advanced tech to improve search results. Now, he uses similar techniques to predict what shoppers will buy.

    2. Opt-In In-Store

      This Silicon Valley-based Startup turns beaconing into opt-in gamification opportunities. Works with Android and Apple. Founders are ex-Visa executives.

    3. 10X Faster Image Load

      An early Googler -- employee #22 -- figured out how to load images at warp speed. Using a virtual machine, photos are resized and instantly displayed via a URL call. Retailers, travel sites, and dating sites should use this.

    1. Pilots are accelerated by Iterate's unique PilotPass® program

      Iterate created the PilotPass program to advance our goal of reducing the needless friction involved in digital innovation. The PilotPass program does this by greatly reducing the time and cost of pre-pilot legal administration.

      After all, we just want to get to a rapid pilot, and establish proof of value.

    1. Three Ways To Engage With Iterate

      Each of the 3 models below involve As you move toward Customized interactions, we are more involved with you on a weekly basis.

    1. Virtually | Self-Serve

      You can always use -- our platform -- without involving Iterate Studio. If you're an Enterprise Executive: Search, Create Collections, Post Challenges, use your inbox to reduce the inbound noise.

      Join now

    2. Quarterly | Hands-On

      The top ~12 Startup technologies we've found are presented to you quarterly. Presentations are tight with Perfect Insights ... imparting new tech knowledge. In this scenario, we will help you with online pilots, expedited through our unique PilotPass program.

    3. Customized | Hands-On

      Companies like Eneco value hands-on extensions to their R&D | M&A teams. Beyond adding eyes and ears for you in Silicon Valley (and beyond), we create customized Collections in, participate actively in your Challenges, help you build prototypes.

    1. How to leverage

    1. Executives

    1. Challenges

      Publish Innovation Challenges so Startups learn how to help you. Challenges can be published anonymously.

    2. Collections

      Create Collections of Startups, then rate their features and rank them inside Collections can be private, shared with co-workers, or shared public.

    3. Collaborate

      Collaborate with your co-workers as you rate startups, create Collections and write Challenges.

    4. Communicate

      Use your own personal inbox inside This helps you organize your communication with Startups. It also reduces the inbound solicitation clutter from your work inbox.

    1. Entrepreneurs

    1. Your Profile

      Edit your Startup profile. Tell Enterprises how to pilot your technology. Publish your Success Stories and ask Executives to verify them.

    2. Solutions

      If your Startup offers more than one Solution, you can post those solutions. Some Startups have posted as many as 8 Solutions.

    3. Challenges

      Executives publish Challenges. If your Startup will solve or partly solve a Challenge, you can request an evaluation. Just Apply.

    4. Publish Code

      Through a pre-integrated cartridge, you can publish code from into platforms like Demandware (2,000 websites for 600 retailers).

    1. How to leverage The Studio

    1. Iterate Studio discovers, curates, and validates emerging tech for innovative corporations. Iterate offers Executives with unique advantages ...

    1. Perfect Insights

      After discovering and classifying a Startup, Iterate gathers test results. A validated test result is what we call a Perfect Insight®. Enterprises acquire wisdom faster by getting Perfect Insights.

    2. Art of the Possible

      A half day Tour of the Possible® showcases Startup business impacts. Private Tours have been done for more than 60 Enterprises. Here's one we do for NRF's CMO/ CIO Innovation event: 2015 | 2016

    3. PilotPass

      Our Startups are part of our PilotPass® program that greatly reduces the time and cost of pre-pilot legal administration. In many enterprises this alone can mean the difference between doing pilots and not.

    4. CodePush is becoming a code injection engine. If your code is housed on, it can be pushed into Demandware through Iterate's Demandware cartridge. This CodePush streamlines integration work.

    1. Why Iterate?

    1. Rapid Access

      "What Iterate is doing totally makes sense for (businesses competing in the digital world), large and small. The value of getting innovation as it hits the market versus waiting for three years is enormous in today’s rapidly evolving world.” | Steve Papa, founder/CEO of Endeca, acquired by Oracle for $1.1 billion in 2011

    1. True Signals

      “I have been in e-commerce for 14 years and have long believed that level of 'noise' in the industry is making it very difficult for retailers to find the true 'signals' that are out there. Iterate allows Enterprise executives focus on startups that are making a real difference in this industry.” | Simon Mutlu, Enterprise Sales Leader for Reflektion,'s 2015 Startup of the Year

    1. Higher Test Velocity

      "eBags has teamed with Iterate Studio to jointly create a two part Innovation Lab. The first is a Rapid Test Center designed to improve the velocity and number of experiments conducted on eBags' websites each month. This workflow will speed up our absorption of unique digital tools that are proven to improve shopping for the 36 million people that visit our sites each year. The second is a Digital R&D Lab that will deliver IoT and business model enhancements for eBags." | Mike Edwards, eBags President & CEO, Staples' (NASDAQ: SPLS) former EVP of Global Merchandising, Lucy's former CEO when acquired by VF Corp (NYSE: VFC)

    1. Innovation knows no boundaries

      Iterate itself continues to iterate. In the USA. In Europe. In Asia. In New Zealand and Australia.

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